Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Wants Chinese Communists Markets

It was my understanding that Libertarians were individuals who advocated certain freedoms from government intrusion (which I thought was a hallmark of Liberalism , at one time). So, while looking up qualities of Libertarianism, I drifted into a stub on Laissez-Faire economics. Now laissez-faire is often associated with Free Market economics which is an objective of the conservatives and, most particularly, those who want you to spend your money with them without any protection by government. You know, those "it's your own fault if you get fooled" people.

I was surprised to see that the idea of laissez-faire was actually first used by the Chinese in the Han Dynasty around 200 B.C. (Han, by the way, is thought to be where the word Hun came from). So, if I were to make the same kind of connections that Glenn Beck makes: My God! Glenn Beck is advocating an economy invented by the Chinese! And with the same reasoning, China is Communist, therefore, Glenn Beck must be advocating Communism! But wait -- There's more. Because Free Market economy was invented in the Han Dynasty that must make Glenn Beck a Hun and he wants to take over the world.

And I bet he eats rice, too.

Continuing on is pointless, because I could just keep going in circles making "if this then, that" arguments as Beck does. But I don't have Nielson ratings either, which is why he keeps on telling you that he's going to let you in on a little secret in the next segment or on the next day.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Okay, It's time to start blogging again.

I guess it's been sometime since I blogged, so I may as well put some more time and effort into it. For those who are just discovering my blog, remember that the previous entries were more than 6 months ago.