Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes and Tea Parties

I've been trying to work on this one since April 14th when I first saw the border promotion on Fox news.

It's an interesting thing to see people protesting taxation and government bailouts at this time. And it says a lot, that we have the freedom to do it! I don't remember such protests during the previous eight years, however. And I don't remember any organized, or publicized, protests against the War in Iraq.

But my mother watches Fox News, so I naturally have to see it as I enter her room. I was struck by how they were promoting the coverages of these Tea Parties and wondering what influence they had had on the grass roots movements. Was Fox a participant, or not? I can understand someone not wanting to pay taxes, and a logical concern is that their children will have to pay the taxes. And I certainly did not like the idea of corporations, and even hedge fund investors taking risks, without any worry that they were making risky investments, with inflated and fraudulant earnings. They weren't taking a risk, because they new that someone would have to bail them out. It wasn't a risk. It was a distribution.

But getting back to the Fox thing. I can't see why any conservative would not want to see these tea parties happen. And it would make perfect sense for such a Fair and Balanced news channel, to report on the mishandling of the economy by a liberal administration.

Why? Because a revolt on taxes is going to benefit them, just as much as it will the middle class. Actually more, since they already have tax loopholes and government-subsidized lifestyles. And what's more, the lack of taxation will mean a lack of services to those in need. It will mean less money to support utilities, water, sanitation and protection. It will mean a reduction in the protection of our borders and homeland. A rich person may be inconvenienced by some of this, but my hunch is that they will more likely fly off to another country, and bask in the sun there on some isolated beach. They probably have an offshore savings account, as well.

"Let those filthy plebes wallow in the detritus of American society."

It's a shame that our financial sector got so out of hand with promotional spending, bad lending practices, and just plain irresponsibility with money. Do you ever wonder why there are so many new bank buildings going up? There are new buildings going up for banks I've never heard of.
Where'd they all come from and where'd they get all that money to spend on brand new buildings? Is our bailout money paying for these new buildings, as well? Or is it just residuals from high credit card interest rates?

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